Monday, December 5

sporty trikes

to be honest.. i don't like these (sportster) trikes, but i thought i would share this with you all.
i like to chop, hack and cut frames and parts, and hate bolt on shit.
but the boys at Trikeworks have just done that! these sportster trikes can be build without cutting anything!
it's just a bolt on rear end..... so for the RUBs who do not want to void their warranty (pathetic), and still have done something else to their 48, Nightster, Iron or whatever blubbermount sporty they might have. it's all reversible!
and if you cough up enough dough, the Toxic Garage can do it for you within 3 hours! (1 if i can use my grinder!)
nah, just kidding.. it's a bolt on thing... we don't do Fucking bolt on!

i guess it look all better if it had smaller wheels and a little longer wheelbase, and if i can Chop that Fucking Sportster!

1 comment:

  1. What is wrong with bolt-on?
    I do not understand that fucker-de-fuckn about it. Nobody sees that my Ironhead is bolt-on.


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