Thursday, December 22

seat and tail combo.

i made a seat and tail combo for Toxic.
first i cut up an old sportster tank..

after that it was time to make a cardboard template and making the template into sheetmetal. once cut and formed it could be welded to the tank.

time to make some supports and mounting brackets..

now time to make a new template again!
this will be seat base and i will make a slightly smaller one which will be the actual seatpan. so the seat can be easily removed for access to the room in the tail section. what this room will hold is still uncertain. i could put the battery in there, or make an oiltank out of it, or use it just as a storage compartment for my bike lock and stuff.

test fitting with my big ass is important to!

the tail section has to be finished. the bottom lines are just a rough cut and the filler opening is still in place.
but i can finish that all once i know what the rear will house. if it's going to be an oil tank i can let the filler opening exist and close up the tank. if it will be a battery housing i have to make a battery tray inside, an acces hole behind the rear of the seat and after that i can close the bottom.
if it's just storage i have to make an access opening behind the seat and make a flat floor inside the tank above the mounting tabs, and a second bottom on the underside of the tank.
or i make the exhaust exit through the tail, that could be cool to! i always loved the tail of the aprillia rsv4.

ow.. i also ordered some pre bend welding pipes, or who you might call those things.. but i ordered the wrong inside diameter.. my bad, but i can't send them back.. and frankly they were pretty expensive. (stainless cold pulled and formed with polished inside..)

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