Sunday, May 12

Sportster Babes!

they say a Sportster is a girls bike..
that's true, they attract very nice girls!

nuff said!

Saturday, May 11

there you go!

found this on the interwebs.. don't know who made it though, but saw it at preachers tumblr.

Friday, May 10

quick RatCafe

as the LTD Thijs got from me was boring as hell, we started to "customize" the bike into a cafe racer.
with absolutely no budget i had to do with the parts already on the bike.
some shorter shocks from Thijs his savage and the rear fender of the savage. (who was at that point already on the LTD)
so as Thijs changed the shocks i got out the knife and remodeled the seat to give it more of a cafe racer style. we put the buckhorn handlebars upside down and within 3 hours the RatCafe "Trusty" was born!

why Ratcafe you might ask? a rat bike is a rusty bike which looks like it has no maintenance in his life, has seen all the roads in the world and is held together with ducttape and other stuff..
since the bike is one big rustbucket it is a rat bike, and it looks like a cafe racer.. so.. ratcafe!

Tuesday, May 7

a great trip!

how this for a ride?
some great roads (and some scary!)

Saturday, May 4

Shake down

The suzuki i gave to thijs needed a road test. The sun was bright and the weather good.
I was pretty amazed about the power this little 440 packs! It is not pretty fast in a sprint, it is really fast actually!  Still nowhere near the XJ but hey! It still is fast in a sprint!
After some looking at the bike riding and standing i know the name for this bike!
TRUSTY. the T for trust worthy since it had been standing still and rotting away for ages and still is running strong! And well the rusty part does not need any explaining i guess!

Doing something good.

Thijs is a buddy of mine, you know the owner of animal, and he just smoked to much weed. It costs to much so he did not have enough money and energy to get parts and fix animal. His gf asked me if i had an idea to make him quit smoking that much.

Well, i had an old suzuki 440 and if thijs quit smoking he could have the suzuki!
The suzuki was a freebee for me since it did not run properly and was rusted all over.
Thijs quit smoking and got the suzuki from me.
I fixed it and made it run again, and thijs fixed the brakes.
we changed the big ass rear fender and huge indicator lights.
Now he can ride again!
The bike will become a caferacer in the upcoming time, a quick and easy build, and the little engine screams to become a cafe! i was amazed how much power the little engine had, it's not fast but for the city it's fast light and nimble.
almost makes me regret that i gave this one away! hahaha
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