Thursday, September 29

R.I.P Fastbike (Lucas)

on 22-09-2011 Lucas (known as Fastbike) was killed in a motorcycle accident.
he was on duty as a motorcycle cop, when he crashed with his police bike.

Fastbike was a big fan of motorcycling and although he was more into the supersports he was also a forefighter for the HD community.

today he was buried with full police agars, and a small group of his MF motor cycle buddy's. (38 bikes).

the family requested not to take pictures or video's of the ceremony, and Lucas.

but i can share these pictures.

Fastbike leaves a wife a son and an unborn child behind.

Ride free Fastbike.

Saturday, September 24

well i'll be damned!

there's actually an appealing V-Rod in the world!
i have to admit, it still is a V-rod, thus not a real Harley, but it's a nice custom!

this pretty nice machine was build by MR. Mechanik in Germany.

before the rant starts about V-rot's being real HD's.
sink your mind in this:
a real HD has 2 cylinders in a 45 degree V configuration. a V-rod has 2 cylinders in a 60 degree configuration.(yes, this rules out the XA to (that's just a 1-1 rip off/copy of the BMW boxer)
a real HD has his powerplant  designed in the USA, a V-rodengine  is designed in Germany(for more than 50%)
a real HD is air cooled, a V-rod is watercooled. (yes, i am aware the MOCO tried water cooled heads before, and did not go that route)
a real HD has pushrods, a V-rod has overhead cams.

case closed!

Monday, September 19

got me letter in the mail...

last week i've got me a letter in the mail..
it was the acceptance letter for the bigtwin bike expo.

(yes i blocked off my address and registration number with a flyer..)

Sunday, September 18


got me a little picture taken.
always nice if it's for free!

Saturday, September 17

helmet paint..

i got bored, and got bored with my helmet.
time to paint the fucker!
i took it all apart and sanded the helmet a little.

gave it a good base coat.

and made it toxic green!

took some masking tape..

shot some black..

masked again..

got a can of white and made the helmet nice and white to match Daddy Cool..

once dried it was time to reveal the green and black again!

came out nice if i say so myself!

Tuesday, September 13

yes, some people make killer XJ900's!

Carlo Romanin made a sweet cafe style XJ900.
he took a 86 XJ and a Benelli gastank combined the two and did some chopping and rebuilding on the bike.
what a sweet result! (although the left side with the mesh triangle is not that nice in my opinion..)

more can be found here at halfway motor cycles.

Monday, September 12

chopperstyle bling bling show. ijsselstein.

last saturday i'd gone to the first chopperstyle show and expo.
not to many bikes came but in the contest (best low budget chop) were some nice creations.
i came with Daddy Cool and entered the competition, but i guess it was outclassing the rest.. so no prices for me! LOL. next time i bring Toxic, that bike is more the right kind of style for this show..
here is a little overview of the bikes.

a slide show of all the pics is here.

Thursday, September 8

fuel bath..

when i walked into the garage a distinct smell of gasoline struck my nose. although it always smells a little like fuel in The Garage this was an alarming smell.
when i was near Daddy Cool i could see it was standing in the remains of a fuel bath. there has been something leaking, and leaking bad! a short examination pointed the Weber as the culprit, the float doesn't shut off the fuel flow and let the fuel go straight into the cylinders. and when they were full it got out through any other way it could find. after pumping the cylinders empty (they had a shitload of fuel in them) and flushing out the gas infected oil. i removed the weber for maintenance, but i want to go to the chopper style show this weekend, so i thought it was best to get a S&S on the digger for the time being.
right.. i build the digger and tank for the weber setup, so the petcock is in the way of the throttle cables.
dangit! ah well it's a snug fit, but it works until i got the weber all sorted out again.

also the coil took a crap on me, first the mount broke and later on the coil busted it's coils.. no more reliable sparks for Daddy anymore..backfiring, coughing, you know the deal with a fucked up coil..
it will be replaced (perfect warranty service by American Bike Shop thanks for the service once again Michel)
but i guess it will not be in house before the chopper style expo, so i took an old "normal" coil and fabbed a quick mount for it so i could ride Daddy to the chopperstyle expo.
a piece of angled steel and some white paint solved the problem just fine!

a big ass black coil looks like shit on a white bike, but hey! i can ride!
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