Friday, January 20

drag speed sportsters

smoking machines, build for the strip..
i like it!
this first picture was taken by KustomJeff. here's what he had to say about it:
The top pic is Shannon Graham and his son back when the Alabama Thunder team was together. That was one bad ass ironhead until a $5 axle adjuster broke and let the chain wrap around the front sprocket and break the cases. Not having a sponsor at the time killed the team. I took this picture at a school fair/carnival we attended to help raise awareness and find a sponsor. This was around 1995 I think.
Thanks or the reply KustomJeff! it is always nice to hear the story behind a picture!

Thursday, January 19

manifolds: done!.........ow wait....

i finished the intake manifolds for the XR883 build..

but since i changed the rearcontrol setup, my leg is crunching and rubbing the carb...

allrighty than... that front manifold has an appointment with the trashcan..
i have to make a new manifold, and this time i will make sure i have enough leg room.
i think it will just exit straight out, so it sits almost like stock, but on the let side..

ah well... it keeps my occupied!

Monday, January 16

headlight options.

i've been fiddling around with headlight/fairing combo's.
i had three options so i'd tried all three.
first off the Acerbis that came with the front end.

 second up i have an "alien" type:

and third option is the headlight from a '06 GSXR1000

 allright here's the verdict.. the first (orange) one is just to plain, you can see this kind on many bikes.. so not an option.
the second.. well... it's actually growing on me, although the lights themselves do suck a little, the are not directional.
the third.. i love, really love the way it looks! but not on the bike though.. it's just to wide and bulkey.

so i think unless i find a cheap MT01 headlight (which looks almost the same as the GSXR light but without the wings and a little smaller) i just go with a big round headlight..

so, i havn't made up my mind yet...

Sunday, January 15


should look like this:

yes, a fine stable of KR's..

add some more and put in a few XL's and XR's

damn... wet dreams!

i didn't find heaven though... just found the pics omline and stole them..

Thursday, January 12

new projects.

i've picked up some new projects.
two Yamaha XS's and with 3 boxes of parts. they were that cheap that i just had have these two bikes.
one is a '79 XS400 the other an '80 XS400SE, these two XS brothers were an abandoned project.
for now they will be put in storage, as i'm still busy with the (re)build of Toxic and the project from Thijs; Animal.
so for now they are in the storage, and once the current projects are done, i'll start with the XS Bro's!

Monday, January 9

secret tail light project!!

JohhnyRtn over at the QCB forum has a top secret project going on..

he asked us all to keep it top secret....

but i am sure you all will keep it secret to!

first the raw materials:

the top secret work in process:

now ssssttt.. don't tell anyone!
the mock up pics:

and here it is! the JohnnyRtn eco friendly light!

nah.. it's just for fun and shit giggles!

Sunday, January 8

quadcam hybrid..old and very old collide!

yes! a WL bottom with XL topend!
nice! i'll stash this idea in my head... you'll just never know when i might pop out again!

Thursday, January 5


the manifolds are almost done, i need some flanges to mount the manifolds to the heads and they need to be powder coated.
the correct bends came in so i started measuring, thinking cutting and welding.

once satisfied i welded it all and finished i off  .

and for a little test fitting.

the carbs will be mounted with rubber grommets and i have to make a good support for them, i will do that as soon as i have the flanges welded (once i have them) and the second carb comes in from the US. (fucking unbelievable: i payed less for the second hand carb incl shipping and a good roll of exhaust wrap, than it was to buy a second hand crappy CV in my own country.!(thanks again SCB Randy !) )

now that i'm sure about the dual front head setup, i can go on with the other idea i had.

yups, i will make the exhausts come out of the seat / tail section.
damnit... me and my fucked up ideas.. this adds more time to the build. will it be ready before the weather get fine again?
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