Thursday, January 5


the manifolds are almost done, i need some flanges to mount the manifolds to the heads and they need to be powder coated.
the correct bends came in so i started measuring, thinking cutting and welding.

once satisfied i welded it all and finished i off  .

and for a little test fitting.

the carbs will be mounted with rubber grommets and i have to make a good support for them, i will do that as soon as i have the flanges welded (once i have them) and the second carb comes in from the US. (fucking unbelievable: i payed less for the second hand carb incl shipping and a good roll of exhaust wrap, than it was to buy a second hand crappy CV in my own country.!(thanks again SCB Randy !) )

now that i'm sure about the dual front head setup, i can go on with the other idea i had.

yups, i will make the exhausts come out of the seat / tail section.
damnit... me and my fucked up ideas.. this adds more time to the build. will it be ready before the weather get fine again?

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