Monday, January 16

headlight options.

i've been fiddling around with headlight/fairing combo's.
i had three options so i'd tried all three.
first off the Acerbis that came with the front end.

 second up i have an "alien" type:

and third option is the headlight from a '06 GSXR1000

 allright here's the verdict.. the first (orange) one is just to plain, you can see this kind on many bikes.. so not an option.
the second.. well... it's actually growing on me, although the lights themselves do suck a little, the are not directional.
the third.. i love, really love the way it looks! but not on the bike though.. it's just to wide and bulkey.

so i think unless i find a cheap MT01 headlight (which looks almost the same as the GSXR light but without the wings and a little smaller) i just go with a big round headlight..

so, i havn't made up my mind yet...

1 comment:

  1. Ha bro!

    Leuk om jouw blog eens te zien. Coole motoren, misschien moet Mike ook maar es kijken. Hij moet nog beginnen aan zijn rijbewijs... LOL!


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