Thursday, March 31

sweet rides..

off course... stolen from some www place..

Wednesday, March 30

something different today..

i had planned to work on the tank of the digger today.. but somehow i got the wrong gas for the welder. (85% argon & 14% co2, should be the other way around) so i couldn't do much work.
then a buddy called me, if i could help with his racing car.
he wanted to have it on the road again this weekend and needed some help.
so i went to him. i started with making the electrical shit.
after that we started on the body, the center tunnel over the driveshaft had to be narrowed for the new sparco racing seats.... so we started with brute force and doing before thinking. just the way we like it!
we got a lot done today but we got plenty to do tomorrow.
the car..

me welding a bracket in the center..

my buddy cutting the cover of the center.

tomorrow we will be cutting the excess steel and finish that part up.

Tuesday, March 29

Stopping power for Daddy Cool.

still have to fill this blog some more, thus..
Daddy Cool is going to be a digger, a serious one, a digger with some punch serious forward punch. but all that power and weight has to be stopped once and the old style drumbrakes aren't sufficient for stopping power.
so the front and rear got disc brakes. the front was easy... the '79 donor came with a dual disc setup, the rear was a whole different story. since i am using an old style (drum brake) swingarm i had to make a brake calipermount from scratch.. first i dug up a nice SJP caliper from the stashpile.

second i picked up a piece of aluminum..

i marked the axle and draw the lines for cutting, after that it was time for drilling and filing.

made some spacers and i was done..

only the reaction arm is missing.. but that's a ten minute work to make.

Monday, March 28

sporty's in the wild.

over here in holland sportsters are not that often seriously customized.
most of them get new bars, seats and a paintjob.. that's it.. but sometimes i bump into a nice build sporty in the wild.
i can be a stock frame or a rigid.. if i think there;s something about them.. i'll shoot them! (with the camera that is..)

Sunday, March 27

fucking slow HOG pack...

today was a fine day for a ride, so i'd jumped on toxic and got some wind in my face.
there was a open house at the local stealership, so i thought: "fuck it.. let's take a look".
when waiting for a traffic light i saw a pack of harleys, and i love pack riding. i've ridden in many packs and the packs i like most are the MC packs, these dudes ride tight and fast. just as i like it!  my favorite place in a pack is in the back.. as last one. first of all. you have to ride faster and more aggressively than in the front of a big pack.
second i' a suicidal blocker, if the front gives the signal for going to the left on the highway the rear has to be blocked for other traffic coming from the rear. i am the first on the left, and if a car tries to squeeze itself between, i'll dump my bike at an inch of the car flipping the driver off and letting him know he's not getting inbetween the pack. a real (MC) pack is one big aggressive entity, it's not a group of individual riders..
but today the pack i encountered was a fucking HOG pack.. those rubs can't ride in packs. they leave to much room and going way to slow... and offcourse.. they are HOGGERS so i don't want to ride in or near such a pack. time to show them how a sporty has to ride past those fucking HOG pack rubs.

Saturday, March 26

rad or sick?

not sure what to think about this contraption..
only: i wish i had a lawn big enough to use this fucker..
stolen from preacher at the QCB Forum.
he'd took this picture at the cba swapmeet.
also he shot a few sporty's.

another chopped up '79... to bad... no one wants a XLCR replica or XR 750 replica anymore i guess.

builds of the past..

2 years ago Toxic (the evo sporty) got a new paintjob.
The idea was to make toxic smoke.
so a buddy of mine got his airbrush a sprayed some sweet smoke.

saweet! i also made the the side cover and oiltank shiny with some rattlecan spray art.
damn.. that's green!

and the bling cruiser style was done..

got bored by it after one season though..
so i'd ripped the bike apart again to make something different.

Friday, March 25

cool bikes.

Sporty's at work and doing what they do best!
i'd had to share!

off course stolen from the internet over the years.

Thursday, March 24

Meet Daddy Cool

My present build is an IronHead Digger build.
It is a somewhat hybride, it uses the engine of the '79 donor XL1000 in a Arlen Ness Digger frame from around '75.
other parts will be used from the '79 to,the front end (3" over), wheels, discbrakes and exhaust manifolds.

i bought the donor like this:

the build was planned soon, but i wanted to ride it some before tearing it apart, but i just can't ride a almost stock bike so i changed a few things.

the digger frame was waiting for his new engine and parts.

as soon as the winter came the build started..
i'd made a lot of parts and did a lot to the frame. i will post some of these parts of the build on the blog.
now i am at the point of bondo molding and paint prepping.

before i pulled the digger apart again it looked like this as final mock up.

Daddy Cool will be white with copper leaf or gold leaf and green outlines and pinstripes.
i guess it will be cool!
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