Tuesday, March 29

Stopping power for Daddy Cool.

still have to fill this blog some more, thus..
Daddy Cool is going to be a digger, a serious one, a digger with some punch serious forward punch. but all that power and weight has to be stopped once and the old style drumbrakes aren't sufficient for stopping power.
so the front and rear got disc brakes. the front was easy... the '79 donor came with a dual disc setup, the rear was a whole different story. since i am using an old style (drum brake) swingarm i had to make a brake calipermount from scratch.. first i dug up a nice SJP caliper from the stashpile.

second i picked up a piece of aluminum..

i marked the axle and draw the lines for cutting, after that it was time for drilling and filing.

made some spacers and i was done..

only the reaction arm is missing.. but that's a ten minute work to make.

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