Wednesday, March 30

something different today..

i had planned to work on the tank of the digger today.. but somehow i got the wrong gas for the welder. (85% argon & 14% co2, should be the other way around) so i couldn't do much work.
then a buddy called me, if i could help with his racing car.
he wanted to have it on the road again this weekend and needed some help.
so i went to him. i started with making the electrical shit.
after that we started on the body, the center tunnel over the driveshaft had to be narrowed for the new sparco racing seats.... so we started with brute force and doing before thinking. just the way we like it!
we got a lot done today but we got plenty to do tomorrow.
the car..

me welding a bracket in the center..

my buddy cutting the cover of the center.

tomorrow we will be cutting the excess steel and finish that part up.

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