Thursday, September 5

vid of the day

still the weather is great out here!

so time to ride some more!

Tuesday, September 3

uh oh!

at the gasstation i thought i had a slightly sticking brake. the digger was slightly hard to push forward.
i thought i'll look into that later and went of for a nice ride.
after 70 miles or so i discovered why the digger was feeling like the brake was sticking.

the battery box had broken, and the battery had been rubbing the tire for at least 70 miles..
the tire had eaten right through the battery casing and the mats were exposed.

i found an old bicycle tire and used that as a emergency solution to keep the battery away from the tire.

ah well... true customs do fall apart sometimes!

Wednesday, August 21


woehoe! time for a short vacation!

i've made a luggage rack for the Digger..
and it needed fresh sparkplugs, so in the week before i ordered some...
and jups.. they weren't delivered. crap! they are hard to find and i didn't want to ride long distances with a half fouled plug without spares..
so Daddy Cool went into the garage and the trusty XJ could become the packmule.

 ah well... some rain, some sun a lot of riding...
a good weekend!

Thursday, August 15


yeah, well. updates...
shoot me and the blogger app to!
i just lost my recent posts.

so to make it up a little, i'll make a short recap.

night ride.

as it was a nice warm Friday night, we opted to take a midnight ride.
there's nothing better than driving in the middle of the night through the silent countryside.
no traffic just calm and open roads. try it and enjoy!

Toxic woos

although the project has been idle for over a year i started building Toxic in cafe racer style.
the initial plan was a dual front head setup, but time and money made that idea go in the drawer for now.
so the engine could be rebuild in "normal" setup again, with some minor head work.

also minor fuck ups are part of the game...
i forgot to put the bolt back that connects the head to the frame.. and with the engine build i can;t put the bolt back.. so the engine has to come out.

cams back in, and these cams are why the '87 evo sportster is faster than his newer brothers.(including 1200's) the cams have bigger lift on the exhaust compared to later models. in and out have the same lift and duration.

i also made up some handlebars of crap i had laying around.
it doesn't look like it, but it's actually six pieces.

also i changed the tank plan, the same tank will be used but i took the easy route.
from this idea: (which would give me almost 27 liters of fuel) (and a great way to fuck up a big sheet of stainless metal when you ditch it)
to the easy way out which will give me 19 liters of fuel:

and yups, there is a fuel sender laying around.

and after many thoughts i'll go with this taillight setup, it has running, braking and indicator lights all in one.

White ride.
peter pan has a white bike since he liked daddy cool so much.
and we opted to ride our white bikes and make some pictures of the white thunder and bee.

Daddy not so cool.

Daddy Cool had a sticking valve. but as always it managed to limp back to the Garage.
with an awful rattling noise and no power from the front cylinder...

after opening the front head i suspected to see hell with bend valve stems, shot pistons and damaged cylinders..

i was in luck! valve stems were straight as an arrow, the intake valve just slightly brushed the piston and did no damage.
so i did some work on the guides, lobbed the valves and seats cleaned the whole shabang up, closed the head again and ride like hell again..

that should do the trick for your update needs!

o yeah... i have a little weekend trip ahead of me with the digger. normally i'll tie my stuff to the back seat, but this will be a 2-up trip, so i have a human on the back seat instead of my stuff..
so i have to figure something out to carry all the stuff..

Sunday, June 23

history lessons on the road.

now here's a riding history lesson with HD's!

all BT engine types from the late 30's until the early 80's!
Flathead, knucklehead, panhead and shovelhead....
and to top it off... an old indian!

funny fact... i was at a ratbike meeting when these shiny old bikes came by...
(more about that meeting later)

Friday, June 14


Robin, a friend of mine who is a great tattoo artist and airbrusher his Dragstar is finaly finished!
his first ride was to work and to show off!


Time to make something to rest my ass on!
Some nice "tuck n roll" fake leather.
And again thin padding. Just how i like it!
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