Friday, October 28


alright, i'm a bit in a pickle here..
all of this:

still has to become a complete bike before the BigTwin bike show next Thursday.
and i only have the Wednesday right before that Thursday to make that pile of parts into Daddy Cool again.
ow shit.. that will be an all nighter to finish the damn machine.
i had planned to do the job last week but i got occupied. the FrankenPan (European) gave some grief again.
an coolant manifold leaked and later on broke. and just to give me some more pleasure it was the one the was the hardest to get to.
things to remove: fairing (a shitload of plastic), fake fueltank, air filter box, air box, carbs,the actual fuel tank, cables, some rubber covers and after all that work..

the whole shabang had to go back again.. and i'll be damned, it wouldn't go easy. carbs in double "V" will not cooperate into the manifolds. and the airbox thought the same. so i ended up taking the carbs apart to fit the airbox to the carbs and after that fighting the whole setup as one part back on the manifolds.
needless to say... it took the whole day... the day that was planned for Daddy Cool.
a well.. one built day remaining!


scare them all!

Sunday, October 23

nice autumn day

today it was a nice sunny day, with even fairly nice temperatures! (14 deg. Celsius)
so i took Toxic for a ride and enjoy the nice weather and enjoy the forest this time of the year.

with the nice light in the forest i just couldn't resist, and took some pictures.

man! i hope more of these days will come!

Friday, October 21

HMMMM strociek!

it's a shame they don't exist anymore.. they made some sweet parts!

(we will forget the fact that it was Strociek who made the Jammer scooter kit for XL's.. that my friends was an abomination! google that shit if you don't know what i'm talking about)

ow.. and i had some random girl help me out showing the Toxic jeans..(check the label!)

Wednesday, October 19


Long sleeve shirts that is..

the new shirts will look bitchin on the BigTwin Bike expo!

Friday, October 14

a teaser that should give you goosebumps!

even without the music, you have to get a warm feeling inside.
if not..
dude, you shouldn't be here!
(still thanks for visiting though)

6 Over - Teaser from Wild Honey Productions on Vimeo.

i got to see the short film they are making!
sweet life!

Wednesday, October 12

frankenpipe (aka Peters Pan)

today my colleague Peter came by to have me check his bike, he had some problems with his water temp gouge.
it's a Honda Pan European and he uses it as daily, any weather driver, so it is somewhat important that he could keep an eye on the engine temps.
before he arrived at the Garage i could hear him coming from far.. not a sound you'd expect of Pan European..
ah well, i would check that out later..
first up: the water temp sender. as i screwed the thing out the radiator no water came with it.. ouch.. the sender is in the lower parts of the radiator, so there has to be water surrounding it! and it has to pour out when you remove the sender...
that's an easy fix for the sender... fill the engine with some water again, so it's surrounded with water, and hope there was enough in it before to save the bike from serious damage. it seems no serious damage had been done.

now let's check out that loud exhaust sound!
after a short "finger feel" i could sink my whole finger in several holes.. wtf?
so off with the rightside pipes!
now that's odd.. it's a Honda so it's build to perfection right? wrong! the headers are stainless steel but the collector (which is a integrate part of the headers) is of plain steel. so that part was rusted to oblivion!
and trust me.. the other side was even worse!
but as long as the headers were of the bike i could always do some patching up, bastard style!! (my colleague is also a poor fucker like me and a new exhaust system is just to expensive)
so i took some scrap sheet metal, a hammer fired up the welder and started forming and welding..

so after a little while the Franken pipe was ready!
at first i thought i could patch up the holes with small patches, but the collector was to worn out, the metal was way to thin to weld something tight. so on the side where i started it looked like Frankenstein..

for the other side i started making a brand new side of the collector and welded it to the last thick parts of the collector.
also the outlet pipe was rotting away on the welds so i tackled that with some metal sheets to.
the Frankenpipe is air tight again and the Pan is a little more quit!
i used 0,8 MM (MiliMeters) sheet, so i think the collector will survive the bike!

Monday, October 10

vid of the day..

last week i took i ride with two dudes from MF.
it was truly the last sunny, warm and dry day of the year. 
here's the video.

i tried to give it a classic easygoing feel to it.

Sunday, October 9

QCB wisdom about kickers.

Why plow your girl in the ass when she has a perfectly good vagina?

Because it's fun and different.

The motorcycles we build are stupid and make no sense. They are air cooled. They have push rods. Most of our bikes start with perfectly good rear suspension and those shocks just get traded for a rigid rear end. I don't care what you say, rear suspension is good for 99% of the riding we do. Got fuel injection? Did you swap it out for a carb? Backwards. They make electronic ignition for everything. Magneto? Points? Dumb.

We build the bikes we ride because they are fun. Not because they make sense. Close your eyes and picture a chopper and then build it. We scheme and dream about our bikes as we fall asleep. That is the coolest thing on the planet. Honda has made the perfect bike. Its called a VFR. If you buy one you will not have to explain anything to anyone. It all makes sense.

Today you should go to the store and waste some money on flowers and candy for your girl. Tonight ask her if she will wear some sunglass' while you fuck her tits. Not because it makes sense but because it's fun. So when your buddy wants to put a kicker on his evo sportster give him a brake. There is no explaination needed because he is just like you. It does not need to make sense. It only needs to make him happy.

Quad Cam Bastard Jakemon 2011

why all this wisdom you might ask?
the LedSled kicker set is on Qaud Cam Bastard Butters Sportster!

pressing in new mainshaft.

tranny all together again

the "secret" mainshaft all ready for the kicker cover!

5 speed Evo with real kickstarter!

LedSled kickstarter serial no 007 is done! someone has to hurry up to install no 003!


Thursday, October 6

Thorough cleaning

next month is the BigTwin bike expo, and Daddy Cool is entered in the competition.
but after a few hundred Miles of riding in the Dutch weather (yes.. the lovely rain..) dirt and mud are every where on Daddy Cool. just a simple hose down and warm water wash wouldn't do the trick.
time to give Daddy a thorough clean!
so i had to rip Daddy apart!

and i even made a nifty wheel cleaning and polishing thingy.. (yeah, it's just hanging from the roof.)

all parts and such are clean and polished now, so time to put it back together, and get some prizes!

Wednesday, October 5

something different

a hole in the floor of the Garage was bugging me for ages.
but with always something to do to bikes and having the Garage cluttered with bikes didn't help with finding time and making space to tackle the hole.
with some bikes out of the Garage i finally had time and space! i bought a 25KG bag of sand, thinking it was more than enough and removed the tiles who were sunken down.

one hour later all 25 KG's of sand had gone in the hole and the floor was straight again..
wow, it will take some getting used to fact that the bike lift will stand straight and can be moved..
right on!

Tuesday, October 4

trikes, when will the style return?

all kinds of vintage bike styles are build, some "new" old eras start (DIGGERS ARE BACK FUCKERS!) but when will the psychedelic trikes come back?
just look at them, you will fall in love again after seeing these vintage pics!

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