Friday, October 28


alright, i'm a bit in a pickle here..
all of this:

still has to become a complete bike before the BigTwin bike show next Thursday.
and i only have the Wednesday right before that Thursday to make that pile of parts into Daddy Cool again.
ow shit.. that will be an all nighter to finish the damn machine.
i had planned to do the job last week but i got occupied. the FrankenPan (European) gave some grief again.
an coolant manifold leaked and later on broke. and just to give me some more pleasure it was the one the was the hardest to get to.
things to remove: fairing (a shitload of plastic), fake fueltank, air filter box, air box, carbs,the actual fuel tank, cables, some rubber covers and after all that work..

the whole shabang had to go back again.. and i'll be damned, it wouldn't go easy. carbs in double "V" will not cooperate into the manifolds. and the airbox thought the same. so i ended up taking the carbs apart to fit the airbox to the carbs and after that fighting the whole setup as one part back on the manifolds.
needless to say... it took the whole day... the day that was planned for Daddy Cool.
a well.. one built day remaining!

1 comment:

  1. Know that job. Did it years ago. Took me 2 days.


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