Saturday, July 30


the rear fender was ready today, so i picked it up and slammed (almost) all the tins on Daddy Cool, just to have some porn.
it has to go off again because the goldleaf and pinstripes still have to go on.
my "ow fuck moment" was... i cant get the oiltank in the frame now the engine is all together..
the rear cylinder has to come of again.. damnit! little fuckup, minor problem.. but still, little error in the build planning process.
ah well, more parts are like a jigsaw puzzle. i have to build in a specific order or some parts can't be put on the bike.
enough said.. time for the porn!

Sunday, July 24


gold leaf... always nice!

wait...... hold on.... wait..... what's up with those last three pictures!!??
i know those were your  thoughts!
a booklet of goldleaf and some clean sparkle white pearl tanks... ad a little jar of lime green pinstripe paint, and you just had a little view in the future!

wait for more!

Thursday, July 21

easy fix?...ow fuck...

today i thought i had to do an easy fix on someones sporty.
the bike wouldn't shift properly and had all symptoms of a broken or dislocated shifter pawl spring.
depending on the year that spring is easily checked and replaced, or the trapdoor of the tranny has to come off.
once the trapdoor is off it should still be an easy fix.
offcourse the whole trapdoor and tranny had to go out the engine. a little less easy fix, but still nothing much.

short inspection of the spring told me the spring was fine, so time to check the dogbones and gear lobes for wear.

once i pulled the second mainshaft gear off it was clear the dogbones were fine, but a whole other problem showed itself.

ow.. fuck... that one is broken..
although it's not good news that the lobe was broken of the gear, me and the owner were happy the part that was broken of had not wedged itself in between the gears......that would be a serious problem when doing 75 MPH on the freeway...

once the new gear comes in i'll put it all back together and the not so happy owner can be happy again!

(piraat, the sporty's owner

Wednesday, July 20

shove it up your...headight.

21 wires, one headlight bucket...

one afternoon cutting and soldering and all fitted snug in the headlight bucket.

another job i can get of the list..

Friday, July 15

breathe!! ......and spaghetti...

still waiting for the tins to come back for the first time but i've got plenty to do to Daddy Cool whilst i'm waiting.
first order of the day was to put the little weber carb. back on.

also i did not like the looks of the "spacer tubes" for the front motor mounts, so i changed them a little.

i've put new pushrod cover on the engine and adjusted the valves, so once the kicker is on (thanks Tjolkman!) i can do a first start. but before i can do that the bike needs his central nerve system back.
yes, time to make a complete new wiring harness.
i wanted to use all buttons and switches so it needs a big amount of wires.
challenge taken!

i can't finish the wiring though.. the other electric parts go underneath the saddle on the fender, and the fender is not done..

ah well...
progress is showing!

Tuesday, July 12

almost forgot!

the fender of Toxic was ripped (told you about it here) and broken, so i had to weld it.
i done just that, prepped for paint and came to realize that i did not have the black metallic paint i needed.

the fender stayed on the bench for a week, and i bought a can of paint.
i rushed to finish the fender and slapped it back on Toxic..
yes, i forgot to take pictures during repair, during prep and offcourse.. no painting pics to..

so all i can provide you with are the "done" pictures, i did my best to keep the "raw used" look.
patina some may call it.

i call it.. done..

also a little teaser today..
time for spaghetti!

yeah...... looking forward to that!
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