Thursday, March 8


that's me... a slacker...
i have been slacking with posts over here... i know.. sorry..
i just had to many other things on my mind.

i have had some Garage time though... but not much to show for it..

but i finished the seatpan for the tail section!

i made a dual throttle cable setup to. but i still have to make a dual cable for the enricher.

and i have been thinking about a license plate mount.
yes, Daddy Cool has been uncovered to... it was reasonable good weather and the salt had washed of the roads by the rain, so i kicked it to live and took a nice ride! and yes... it feels good!

a buddy of mine is searching for a HD for his wife. we went to look for some bikes..
she liked this '81 FXR, but it was leaking badly from the heads, so i said to search further.

their little boy has a good taste to!
he told me to buy this one.
all the other bikes were stock, and he doesn't like stock bikes just like me!
 the boy has a good taste! nice triumph Ronald!
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