Monday, August 29

RIP Pepe..

yesterday PEPE (Peter Steward) the founder and pres. of the Dutch COBB chapter  (Crippled Old Biker Brothers) has past away.
after a short sick bed he died of cancer.

since he lost both his legs he was the fore fighter for bikers with a handicap.
PEPE was a well known man in the scene, and his bike with sidecar was even known more.
GBNF! ride free brother!

Thursday, August 25


Brede aap from the SON made this fun rendering from a picture of Daddy Cool:

Monday, August 22

first time outside..

Daddy cool saw the sun for the first time!
i took the digger outside for a shake down run.

the only thing that shook down was the coil mount.. dangit.

as soon as i wanted to take some pictures the clouds packed together, but i managed to get some first pics, before the rain came!

after a good 60 mile ride i knew what i'd forgot... deflate the rear tire a little, so i have some more cushioning...or at least my kidneys told me..

Thursday, August 18

it lives!

the digger is alive!
2 priming kicks and one kick with the ignition on... i love it!

Tuesday, August 16

cool video..

i like SR's rather they are 250 or 500CC i like them.
they are perfect donors for cool cafe style racers.
and i saw this video of a SR500 cafe racer:

"Solus" from Ricki Bedenbaugh on Vimeo.

I teamed up with Lossa Engineering to make a short video on a Yamaha SR500 that was featured on Cafe Racer Season 1. I wanted to have all the shots at night, and no cars on the road, which was no easy task, but we pulled it off. After several nights of waiting for no traffic, and avoiding the police under the Long Beach Airport landing strip we did it. Enjoy.

Shot, Edited, and Directed by: Ricki Bedenbaugh

Locations: Long Beach and Los Angeles CA

 "end of qoute"

thanks Ricki i enjoyed it! 
some stills :

Saturday, August 13

Kick it!

what separates the man from the boys? what draws a crowd at a bike event? what can seriously fuck up your knee?
A Kickstarter!
the old greybeards of bikers all know the "sportster knee" , a painful result of kickstarting an old Iron Head and over stretching your knee or being kicked back because of wrong ign. timing.
the sportster knee is somewhat a right of passage.. you are only a real sportster rider if you have experienced the sportster knee personally.
and yups.. i want to be a true ironhead rider!
time to make a kickstarter on Daddy Cool!

the engine is a '79 and this was the last year a kickstarter could be placed on an ironhead, the cases were still the kickstart type but the kicker hole was just plugged.
the sprocket cover was designed so a kickstarter could be adapted through it. (hence the strange place for the master brake cylinder)

i got a kickstarter kit and started the build.
first   part is actually pretty straight forward:
open up the primary and gut it out..
the hole for the kickershaft is plugged with a plug (obvious) and comes with the bushing already installed.

time to slide in the gears.

after the straight forward work, the more fabbing work starts.
drilling the clutch basket for the ratchet gear.

and riveting the gear into place.

after that the primary internals could go back and all torqued to specs, and close the primary again.

drill a hole for the kickshaft (and add a bushing) and drill and tap a hole for the kick return spring.

and presto! kick starter ready to give me some knee pain!

Wednesday, August 10

tank coating.. part two...

today back to the hideous job of tank coating.
and repeat a few times..

after that 24 hours of drying and getting high of the fumes..
and i did the oil tank to. (i welded the fucker, and don't trust my own welds(mig) )

i know.. my posts have are a bid lame the last few weeks.. but the weather is all fucked up over here and most HD related events got canceled.
so i don't ride that often and don't attend any event..
i'm bored to my bones and want to have some great weather and make some riding shots and vids.. 

Tuesday, August 9

tank coating.. part one..

first let me start with dropping the bombshell..
goldleaf and pinstripes are off for now. it takes to much time and funds aren't helping either.

this means i can start coating the tank.
i coat all tanks i use, first of: if you weld (to) a tank there is always a chance of a pinhole leak occuring after pressure testing during riding. second.. you never ever have to worry about rust again..
i always use Kreem tank liner.
the kit comes with all you need and the liner stays on for century's..

tonight i washed and etched the tanks well.. the etching will be overnight, just to be sure!
take a look at my fancy tank coating facility! (yeah.. my shower)

and a little vid. of the etching in progress:

Monday, August 8


some needed parts came in today..
it still baffles me, how could it be that it's still cheaper to order this stuff brand new from overseas than it is to buy it second hand over here?

Friday, August 5

trike... sortoff.. octo trike to be precise!

searching for an ultimate project?
want to revise the LSD fueled 60's/70's?
the octo trike is for sale!
here as it was in his glory days..
some badass work had gone in this machine! dual sportster engines and one of them rotates in reverse..
4 rear wheels..jup..four!...
and the list goes on and on..

but it has gone to hell and back.. and returned to hell again.
the current owner tried to juice the machine up a little and hack it up some more..
to be short.. the machine is fucked up..
here how it sits now..

please.. rescue this machine.. it's for sale over here: klick!

Tuesday, August 2


stretch stumbled upon this contraption..

dunno what to think of it...
-is it just a big fuck you towards all those big, bigger, biggest wheel OCC looser type bikes?
-LSD is getting back in the scene?

but still, you got to appreciate the workmanship gone into this.. err.. thing?
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