Thursday, June 30

engine in...

and i just couldn't help myself..
i had to finish the engine for Daddy Cool today.
pistons and cylinders back.

dropped the valves back in the heads..

and popped the heads back on the cylinders.

and made the exhaust.

came out very nice if i say so..

Wednesday, June 29

Tuesday, June 28


today i picked up the frame and misc parts from daddy cool at the powdercoater.

Monday, June 27

customday Utrecht

i didn't went to utrecht just to burn soem rubber..
i's shoot some pictures of the bikes and party to..

Sunday, June 26

marking the territory.

 over in Utrecht my front brake just spontaneously locked up when i wanted to drive away..

 ah well.. if Toxic can smoke, i'll guess i smoke some to.
pictures by triker.

Friday, June 24

Harley dag utrecht, this sunday.

not feeling like going to the TT races in Assen this weekend?
like Harley's and chops?
here's your place to ride to!

see you there?

Thursday, June 23


yup.. it's been a while, been busy and my modem took a dump on me.
and i didn't do much work on bikes lately. i got the XJ dialed in but that's all. so no updates on bike work.

so to keep you all happy.. just some pics..

this sweet track XS is saw a few weeks ago at Heiden tuning.

 it's loaded with sweet stuff!

and if we are showing off yamaha's..
man it goes like a raped monkey with his balls on fire above 6000rpm now i got it dialed in!

Wednesday, June 15

keeping occupied..

been tinkering with the XJ today.
since i broke the airbox and went for cone filters i had a whole lot of room were the airbox once was.
it seemed to be a nice place to put the battery!
so i made a battery tray and some mounting tabs and placed the whole shabang nice in the middle of the frame.

also i cut the side covers so the lines of the tank would flow more into a straight line down.

also i thought i could use 47.5 idle jets and 110 main.. the 47.5 jets are to big, the bike is running way to rich underneath 4000RPM. i calculated it needed 45.5 jets but thought i was wrong with my calculations.. guess i have to trust myself a little more..

for a bike that has to be chopped, i'm still doing a lot to it to make it look a little better until i tear it down..
ah well.. you got to keep occupied!

Tuesday, June 14


when rezbomb (over at the QCB) gets bored he makes up some nice drawings!

should make a very nice tat one day!

Monday, June 13

American day zeist.

today in the nearby town of Zeist the former Confederates MC (whom are over patched to HAmc two weeks ago) organized a American day. a day for US cars and bikes with music, drinks and food. many of these kind of events are canceled the last minute by the police but this one wasn't, so time to go!
off course i'd made many pictures of nice or interesting bikes and as usual i'll share a few over here om the blog!

more pictures can be found here: link
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