Wednesday, June 8


so, i started working on the Yamaha again a few weeks back.. and it made me walk...damnit.
but this time i won't stump it back in the corner again. as the plan is to make a board tracker out of it it has to have some power.i like to have a strong running engine to my specs before i start a bike build, so first i tackle the engine.
the stock engine puts out a decent 98 HP so it wouldn't be a big problem to get it around 110/120 HP without changing cams and such. just a little intake and exhaust mods will be sufficient to boost power.
today i tackled the exhaust.
for the XJ there are not real performance exhausts on the marked so i had to find a suitable from another type of bike.
downside to that is they will not fit... unless i make them to fit... challenge taken!

i had to adjust the linkpipes, make them narrower and shorten them.
and i had to made new mounts for the exhaust.
all and all it took me actually more time than i thought. but the result it good enough for the time being.

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