Wednesday, June 15

keeping occupied..

been tinkering with the XJ today.
since i broke the airbox and went for cone filters i had a whole lot of room were the airbox once was.
it seemed to be a nice place to put the battery!
so i made a battery tray and some mounting tabs and placed the whole shabang nice in the middle of the frame.

also i cut the side covers so the lines of the tank would flow more into a straight line down.

also i thought i could use 47.5 idle jets and 110 main.. the 47.5 jets are to big, the bike is running way to rich underneath 4000RPM. i calculated it needed 45.5 jets but thought i was wrong with my calculations.. guess i have to trust myself a little more..

for a bike that has to be chopped, i'm still doing a lot to it to make it look a little better until i tear it down..
ah well.. you got to keep occupied!


  1. Put that time in your Ironhead.

  2. err.. i need the frame to come back from powder coat..


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