Thursday, April 28

new motor mounts..

the front motormounts / plates will not fit due to the angle of the front downtubes..

the center hole did line up perfectly though.. so i used the existing bolt patterns and ditched the top/front one.
just cutting the front of looks like uhm..well.. i just cut off the front....

so i came up with a cross like pattern.. and once i finished the looked cool enough so time to get them into real steel!

another part finished for the digger!

Saturday, April 23

vid of the day..

got bored.. slapped a quick vid together..

i always get happy when i hear a true sportster roar!
nice deep and aggressive! much better than that slow vegetables (potato that is..) sound of a bigtwin!


sometimes it's just for the looks of it...
but it still is a lot of engineering..

anyone got some more info on this knuckster?

Friday, April 22

the dirty bastard..

since Samuel gave the ok on the QCB forum to go public with his newest build 2 weeks ago, it's time for me to show this sweet quadcam.
i have been following his build and i'll tell you.... there are very very very much sweet  details on this bike!
and no aftermarket stuff, all made in Finland by Samuel.

yups.... knobbies are back!

just another sweet machine by the QCB f.

Monday, April 18

on the road.

hey.. it's me!

photo's made by TRIKER..

he rocks with a camera.. and off course rides a sporty to!

season opening ride hdc utreg.

we had a nice ride yesterday, good weather (very very good) and a nice route.
a lot of riders, so it was a slow pace ride. but hey, it was a ride to celebrate the start of the season not to get fast from a to b..
i still have to edit the film, but here are some pictures.

Saturday, April 16

today.. season opening..

i'll be attending..
i will shoot some pics and film to post over here..

blow it...charge it..

what ever suits your needs to force feed tuns of air into your ironhead.... it has to look cool!

and man.. does it look cool!

Friday, April 15

the Mann

hmmm maybe if my digger is done i'll be lucky enough to do the same photo shoot..
The Mann rules!
David Mann and family..

Thursday, April 14

fender work..oldstyle!

the fender for daddy cool was a shitload of work..
i bought a steel digger fender, but i turned out to be crooked and the wrong size.. but it had the looks i wanted so i cut it apart and ended up completely rebuilding the whole thing..
 i guess it was easier to build one from scratch.. but hey! resurrecting an piece of history is allways ups and downs!

off course it was not done.. but the sheetmetal was..
so up with the one thing i truely hate about building.. bondo and filler.. and since i am building a 70's digger.. i needed to do some bondo art to..

saweet! now picture this in white with flakes!
a buddy helped me with the bondo hell.. thanks peet!
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