Thursday, February 16

finishing the oil tank/fender combo

temperatures were above freezing, so it was time to get in the Garage again!

i've spend some time on the oil tank..

once the bottom was done.. it was time for the top.
the filler neck sticks through the tail section for easy filling..

Thursday, February 9

starting of an oiltank..

i am so unpredictable.. i just had made up my mind, that i will use the stock oiltank, in the stock location.
and now.... i want to do something else... yups.. i get tired of myself to...

allright, as stated in the previous post: it was seriously cold in the Garage, so cold alu parts and some tools almost froze to my bare hands.. so i didn't do that much..
 but i lyed out the rough lines of the oil tank idea.
first i cut some sheetmetal and got me some fender cut offs.

after that i did some fitting and some more cutting. (in between long pauses to warm myself a little at the heater)

 next up is to cut the underside and make the top fit the tail section better.
i'd also already closed the tail section (with some nice stainless steel.. ) and tried my fourth opion for a headlight..

so, due to the freezing temps inside the Garage i haven't got that much done, but all and all it was time well spend!

it's cold!

inside the Garage... real cold...
the heater had been on for a solid 4 hours on max..... and the temps were still below zero..
although i like the winter wonderland and the air is nice and dry with these temperatures, i'm done with these cold temperatures. i just can't get myself to do a lot in the Garage..
but i'm addicted to building.. so i will slide on some extra thick socks and i will try to do something in the garage..

wish me luck..

Saturday, February 4

fuck them manifolds!!

hours and hours and hours have i spend on the manifolds for the XR883 evo build... the front one had been giving me headaches and clearance issues each and every time..
now the front one is actually how i didn't really want it.. but i have enough leg clearance and that was paramount to me.. so.. now i have one carb pointing forward and one sticking backward.. but like this it will stay!

now to make a throttle linkage, a enrichner linkage and find suiting airfilters and try to fab up an adapter plate for those filters.. so.. the intake part is still not done..

on a lighter note.. i tried another tank... i really like the lines and flow.. but if i want it to work i have to make a new tunnel and make a new side panel to make room for the carb..

at first i thought.. fuck it.. i will just go with the sportster tank.. but more and more the tank is pulling on me, and i guess i have some tank cutting and welding in the near future for me..
ow.. some of you might have guessed where the tank is from.. it's the gas tank of one of the XS Bro's (the yammy XS400's i got my hands on recently) and if i nick the tank of one bro, i guess i can steel the big round headlight of the other!

also i made up my mind about the oiltank and exhaust route.
the oiltank will stay stock at the stock location and the exhaust will not be in the tail section. the tail will house the battery and some storage room.
there... mind made up!
......but my mind chances almost as often as the weather out here....

Thursday, February 2

making a dummy real!

for Animal (the Savage) Thijs had found a gas tank that is very near to the shape he wants.
width and length are spot on.. it is the "fuel tank" from a Honda Magna, but it's a somewhat dummy tank.
a Magna has the actual fuel tank somewhere else. so the "tank" looks big, but actually isn't.
The Magna has a wide double wishbone frame and that takes up most of the room of the "tank", the Savage has a single boxed backbone, so we have plenty room to give the tank some more capacity.
time to make some more room in the tank!
I told Thijs where to cut and what to cut away and he went on it!

after that i made some templates for Thys to cut, and once they were cut i could start welding.

and there you have it... a fair amount of fuel capacity added to the tank!
(yeah.. i won't win any prices for my welding... i know...)
next time i will clean it all up and do a pressure test..(i'm sure i will have just a few pinholes, the welds look like crap.. but they are airtight!)
and now the tank "pockets" fit neatly on the frame.

and i was cold in The Garage!... my water bowl was frozen!
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