Thursday, February 2

making a dummy real!

for Animal (the Savage) Thijs had found a gas tank that is very near to the shape he wants.
width and length are spot on.. it is the "fuel tank" from a Honda Magna, but it's a somewhat dummy tank.
a Magna has the actual fuel tank somewhere else. so the "tank" looks big, but actually isn't.
The Magna has a wide double wishbone frame and that takes up most of the room of the "tank", the Savage has a single boxed backbone, so we have plenty room to give the tank some more capacity.
time to make some more room in the tank!
I told Thijs where to cut and what to cut away and he went on it!

after that i made some templates for Thys to cut, and once they were cut i could start welding.

and there you have it... a fair amount of fuel capacity added to the tank!
(yeah.. i won't win any prices for my welding... i know...)
next time i will clean it all up and do a pressure test..(i'm sure i will have just a few pinholes, the welds look like crap.. but they are airtight!)
and now the tank "pockets" fit neatly on the frame.

and i was cold in The Garage!... my water bowl was frozen!

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