Thursday, February 9

starting of an oiltank..

i am so unpredictable.. i just had made up my mind, that i will use the stock oiltank, in the stock location.
and now.... i want to do something else... yups.. i get tired of myself to...

allright, as stated in the previous post: it was seriously cold in the Garage, so cold alu parts and some tools almost froze to my bare hands.. so i didn't do that much..
 but i lyed out the rough lines of the oil tank idea.
first i cut some sheetmetal and got me some fender cut offs.

after that i did some fitting and some more cutting. (in between long pauses to warm myself a little at the heater)

 next up is to cut the underside and make the top fit the tail section better.
i'd also already closed the tail section (with some nice stainless steel.. ) and tried my fourth opion for a headlight..

so, due to the freezing temps inside the Garage i haven't got that much done, but all and all it was time well spend!

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