Friday, July 15

breathe!! ......and spaghetti...

still waiting for the tins to come back for the first time but i've got plenty to do to Daddy Cool whilst i'm waiting.
first order of the day was to put the little weber carb. back on.

also i did not like the looks of the "spacer tubes" for the front motor mounts, so i changed them a little.

i've put new pushrod cover on the engine and adjusted the valves, so once the kicker is on (thanks Tjolkman!) i can do a first start. but before i can do that the bike needs his central nerve system back.
yes, time to make a complete new wiring harness.
i wanted to use all buttons and switches so it needs a big amount of wires.
challenge taken!

i can't finish the wiring though.. the other electric parts go underneath the saddle on the fender, and the fender is not done..

ah well...
progress is showing!

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