Thursday, July 21

easy fix?...ow fuck...

today i thought i had to do an easy fix on someones sporty.
the bike wouldn't shift properly and had all symptoms of a broken or dislocated shifter pawl spring.
depending on the year that spring is easily checked and replaced, or the trapdoor of the tranny has to come off.
once the trapdoor is off it should still be an easy fix.
offcourse the whole trapdoor and tranny had to go out the engine. a little less easy fix, but still nothing much.

short inspection of the spring told me the spring was fine, so time to check the dogbones and gear lobes for wear.

once i pulled the second mainshaft gear off it was clear the dogbones were fine, but a whole other problem showed itself.

ow.. fuck... that one is broken..
although it's not good news that the lobe was broken of the gear, me and the owner were happy the part that was broken of had not wedged itself in between the gears......that would be a serious problem when doing 75 MPH on the freeway...

once the new gear comes in i'll put it all back together and the not so happy owner can be happy again!

(piraat, the sporty's owner

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