Sunday, October 9

QCB wisdom about kickers.

Why plow your girl in the ass when she has a perfectly good vagina?

Because it's fun and different.

The motorcycles we build are stupid and make no sense. They are air cooled. They have push rods. Most of our bikes start with perfectly good rear suspension and those shocks just get traded for a rigid rear end. I don't care what you say, rear suspension is good for 99% of the riding we do. Got fuel injection? Did you swap it out for a carb? Backwards. They make electronic ignition for everything. Magneto? Points? Dumb.

We build the bikes we ride because they are fun. Not because they make sense. Close your eyes and picture a chopper and then build it. We scheme and dream about our bikes as we fall asleep. That is the coolest thing on the planet. Honda has made the perfect bike. Its called a VFR. If you buy one you will not have to explain anything to anyone. It all makes sense.

Today you should go to the store and waste some money on flowers and candy for your girl. Tonight ask her if she will wear some sunglass' while you fuck her tits. Not because it makes sense but because it's fun. So when your buddy wants to put a kicker on his evo sportster give him a brake. There is no explaination needed because he is just like you. It does not need to make sense. It only needs to make him happy.

Quad Cam Bastard Jakemon 2011

why all this wisdom you might ask?
the LedSled kicker set is on Qaud Cam Bastard Butters Sportster!

pressing in new mainshaft.

tranny all together again

the "secret" mainshaft all ready for the kicker cover!

5 speed Evo with real kickstarter!

LedSled kickstarter serial no 007 is done! someone has to hurry up to install no 003!


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