Wednesday, March 23

here we go!

at some point of time all changed for the so called bikers, the Internet made the world a smaller place.
not only could bikers reach each other by the road, but also straight out of the comfort of a nice chair.
new types of riders stood up, the younger generation.
using the internet to share knowledge and parts, and even bullshit.
then the new breed started to publish their bike life on the internet to.
they started blogging. one biker blogger after another started to share his life on his bike or beside his bike.
so nowadays if your are a somewhat serious builder of the new breed you have to blog...
ah well.. summer is coming, riding season is starting  and the builds are getting finished.
i think of myself as a new breed builder, so i guess i have to share my shit through a blog to.

time to enlighten you about Toxic Garage and me. after all, this is the first entry, and you must have started reading at the moment this blog was interesting for you. this could be somewhere in the future now, so you must have read many entry's about now, so you know me and the blog a little!

ho am i? i'm known in the digital biker life as Chief or Dutch Dude. i live in Holland (Europe).
to be honest i am not your typical biker, i am me, a lonesome rider and builder.
but i have oil in my vanes. i can spend hours on end in my garage building and thinking about what and how to build. i am a poor bastard, so i don't have the money for many builds and fancy parts. but i'd rather skip a few meals if i can get a part i need. i can see a slap of alu and see a completed part in it which i need for a build. my head overflows with ideas. each stock bike i see i can see how to chop it and make something sweet out of it.

bikes and chopping are not my life, i am bikes and chopping without it i would be nothing.
i own several bikes, some apart, some chopped, some riders and some being build right now.
you will get to know them over time, their resting place and chopping place is my garage, The Toxic Garage.

as far as this blog goes, i will provide pictures and story's about my past builds, my present builds, my rides and things that make me tick. if i see a nice bike i real life or on the web i will share it over here.
over time this blog will represent the sick stuff that goes on in my head.

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