Thursday, March 24

Meet Daddy Cool

My present build is an IronHead Digger build.
It is a somewhat hybride, it uses the engine of the '79 donor XL1000 in a Arlen Ness Digger frame from around '75.
other parts will be used from the '79 to,the front end (3" over), wheels, discbrakes and exhaust manifolds.

i bought the donor like this:

the build was planned soon, but i wanted to ride it some before tearing it apart, but i just can't ride a almost stock bike so i changed a few things.

the digger frame was waiting for his new engine and parts.

as soon as the winter came the build started..
i'd made a lot of parts and did a lot to the frame. i will post some of these parts of the build on the blog.
now i am at the point of bondo molding and paint prepping.

before i pulled the digger apart again it looked like this as final mock up.

Daddy Cool will be white with copper leaf or gold leaf and green outlines and pinstripes.
i guess it will be cool!

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