Saturday, May 4

Doing something good.

Thijs is a buddy of mine, you know the owner of animal, and he just smoked to much weed. It costs to much so he did not have enough money and energy to get parts and fix animal. His gf asked me if i had an idea to make him quit smoking that much.

Well, i had an old suzuki 440 and if thijs quit smoking he could have the suzuki!
The suzuki was a freebee for me since it did not run properly and was rusted all over.
Thijs quit smoking and got the suzuki from me.
I fixed it and made it run again, and thijs fixed the brakes.
we changed the big ass rear fender and huge indicator lights.
Now he can ride again!
The bike will become a caferacer in the upcoming time, a quick and easy build, and the little engine screams to become a cafe! i was amazed how much power the little engine had, it's not fast but for the city it's fast light and nimble.
almost makes me regret that i gave this one away! hahaha

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