Friday, December 16

ground contact.

got me some fresh parts for Toxic. some stuff to make his feet more nimble and light!
the swingarm including the wheel and brake are as heavy (light?) as the stock swingarm with nothing!

and a nice Buell front end. fully adjustable and brembo caliper.
but just standing in a corner they wouldn't do much for the bike right?
so in with the parts  already!
the swingarm came with a Brembo caliper, but to mount it the left shock absorber has to be off set. i'm not sure i like that, so first i tried another bracket and a GMA 4 piston caliper..

looks nice, and true custom!
but the Brembo will look da Bomb to.. so i'm not sure which one i'm going to use..

after that in with the front end!

offcourse the orange will and green is the way to go!

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