Friday, December 2

more brainfarting...Evo XR 883...

it was getting busy inside my head, ideas overflowing each other and all involved the XR883 brainfart..
ah well.. i guess i have to get it out of my head and try to make Toxic into a XR883.

my biggest problem is manifold/exhaust clearance in the "V" of the engine.
i dug up another front head (it's a BT head, but for size and comparison the head will do) and put it on Toxic.
with some PVC plumbing i could look how my clearance would be.. or the lack off..
hmm. that is just to tight..
i hacked up an old exhaust to see how tight of a bend i could make to get a little more room for the manifold.

now that saves a little more room!
i took a little side step and want to see how it would look as a 2-1 exhaust..

kinda cool....

but on with the XR setup. time for more PVC pipes to check and see what i can do..
if i use an oval piece of tube i can pull it of.

now i was somewhat content with it...
and i wanted to see how it would look as a complete setup. with both carbs sticking out.
so back to the stash pile and dig up some carbs! and put it on the bike for more looking and measuring..

looks bad ass!
but i still have a manifold that is very close to the exhaust.. and that could give problems..
and why do i still keep intake and exhaust on the same side of the engine?
the real XR's have the exhaust on the left and intake on the right. so.. why shouldn't i do a left and right configuration? the exhaust still exits to the right side and can't exit to the left like XR's do. but i can make the intake manifolds exit to the left. this will eliminate the exhaust heat issues almost complete! also in the lines of a true XR i have something on the left sticking out the engine and something on the right.. it's just mirrored..
so next up is getting the carbs on the left!

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