Tuesday, December 27

HD paves the ground for competition? and crumples their P&A sales in one blow to?

as some may know, HD is issuing their dealers to stop part sales overseas, to home builders like you and me outside the US, and independent bike shops inside the US and abroad.
and the MoCo will not sell directly to the indy shops inside the US and abroad .

home builders outside the US (like me) have to pay the 4 times higher price for parts, because they have to buy it at the overpriced dealerships. the small home builders (or at least i...) just don't have the dough to pay 4 times the price of the US price including shipping and local taxes, and still build nice bikes.

but the problem for the indy shops is that they can't stock original HD or SE parts any more.
on a parts sales standpoint of view the indy shops are going to miss a lot of income, because their loyal customers have to go to the dealer to buy some parts. but remember! the dealer sales the parts to the indy!
if the indy gets his parts from another manufacturer the dealer will loose income, the other parts manufacturer (like S&S to name one) will have more sales in little parts, and HD dealers and thus the MoCo will have less parts sales..

also, the Screaming Eagle (SE) parts can't be sold by any other than the HD dealer to the end user. for the bling bling shit, that isn't a big loss.. but stuff like heads and cylinders are a big loss. more than halve of the SE performance parts like heads, cylinders, cams and A/C's are put on bikes by indy shops.
performance shops use SE parts to make entry level performance kits. these kits can be bought for reasonable prices, and be put on your bike for normal hourly wages.
after market performance companies will jump in this void and can produce and sell more performance parts for lower prices. (hopefully)

when this happens the sales of parts and performance parts from HD and SE will plummet and giving the MoCo even more problems.

now this is just another fine example of the sick and twisted ways to kill HD from Mr Wandell.
yes.. the same idiot who pulled the plug on Buell in an effort to save some bucks. killing Buell did not save the MoCo money... it made an income loss of almost $100 Million!

so now the second step is to kill a big part of P&A sales, giving the competition more room, and killing the P&A sales done by dealers to indies?!
(bear in mind: some indies do order in excess of $40.000 worth of parts at their local dealers annual!!!)

and on another fine side note.. Wendell gets over one million dollars a year for his "services"!!(salary and bonuses)  if the MoCo hase to save some bucks the best million dollar save is to kick Wendell out and start selling to indies again!

those fuckers!

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