Monday, December 12

cardboard time..

the Savage from thijs is just a bare roller with some left over engine in it.
as seen as thijs wants a somewhat prostreet look, although i don't really think it suits the bike, i got cutting some cardboard.
first some preliminary tank lines.

just to get a little looky looky of how it would look like with more metal on the frame i cut some more cardboard.

wow, that looks like shit!
now it's up to thijs to find a donor tank that i can cut apart. and after the tank is one the bike we will look at the rest of the metal work.  i like it to be as bare as possible, because in my opinion it's the best looking option. just a tank and some fenders and that's it for the metal department! but it's not my bike... so it's up to thijs.

1 comment:

  1. Aaaahhhh, looks like a Honda VT Shadow. Burn it!


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