Friday, November 18

new project.

it's that time of the year again, temperatures are dropping below freezing, rain and snow are waiting to fuck up a good ride. riding season is over......Chopping season is open again! 
this year there are 2 projects in the Garage.Toxic is getting some engine work and will change his appearance again.
but that's not the only project this year. Thijs has a rugged old Suzuki Savage, which he wanted to change.
the savage will go by the name of "Animal" the muppet show drummer.
so this week the machine has been brought to the Garage!
here's the savage brotherly next to Toxic in past:

once the bike was in the Garage it was undressed quickly!
10 minutes in the garage:
 and after one hour:
the bike had a nasty sound in the head and was leaking oil as a madman.
so i opened up the head and got a little sneak peak at HELL!!!


looks like it had been running without any oil feed to the head! total devastation in there!
before any chopping will take place first thing to do is make the engine healthy again!

yups, it's getting crowded in the Garage!

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