Saturday, November 19

Toxic gets it again! (aka rebuilding Toxic again)

ever since i had Toxic (the evo sporty) it changed appearance at least once a year.
but for almost 2 years now Toxic hasn't changed. i was occupied time and financial wise with the build of Daddy Cool .
so.... time to start a new build with toxic!
i had changed the rotor for a full floating disc, and this little change made me think. (now you can have a little look in the thinking process of my twisted mind!)
an upside down front end will look nice, and a custom swingarm would balance the front and i need to find a nice matching set from a supersport bike and rebuild the whole deal to make it fit a sporty! (no, no, no! i will not use a buell setup! that is done plenty of times, and is almost a straight drop in.. to easy!)
now if i change that, the rest of the apparel has to change to.. thinking in a little streetracker know.. Strorz style seat and such?
but... although the little 883 engine is smoking 1200 sporties with ease, it is almost mandatory to give it even more power in a bike looking like it's going to look like..
my first rule of chopping/building is: First you need to have the engine working perfect and need the specs you want/need before you build the rest of the bike. why you might ask? the engine is the base of the bike, and the engine will tell you what is the best suited build style for the bike. you just don't build a bike in prostreet style when it has no power at all, and you don't build an easy going cruiser when you have loads and loads of power.  ah well.. that's my opinion..

so.. first things first!
time to get a little more out of the engine! first of all: i have very limited funds so i'm still debating on a 883-1200 conversion. the engine puts out around 62HP with no internal work done to it, just perfect tuning of intake and exhaust. a 1200 conversion is rated at something of 70HP with perfect intake and exhaust tuning and mild cams. so, i'll spend a lot of dough getting it to 1200CC's and not getting that much power in return.

i am thinking i can get more out of the 883 with some serious headwork and cams.but still the 1200 isn't fully put aside though.. i'll let it brew in my head for a while, and maybe just maybe i'll make it a 1200..

so headwork! i had to do some work to the top end because i had some oil leaks.
time to start!

looks like i was just in time to fix the oil leaks!

after that it was time to take a good look at the heads and see what i could do to them and make my plans!

there is plenty of room for improvement! i just have to think about what i want: more grunt in the lower rpm range or more oemph in the higher rpm range. and offcourse... 1200 or 883?

decisions decisions...

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  1. A lot of money for 8Hp more. No, you better spend your money for a Ohlings.


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