Wednesday, May 9

still nothing much.

i still can't find the power and. such... to get into the garage and work on my bikes..
i needed something different to clear my head.
so i thought about something that would make do something completely different and still has something to do with the blog. (i'll explain that later..)

i build a quadcopter.. wtf? you might say?
it's a radio controlled helicopter type of thing.. but different.
so during the build i had my mind set to programming, soldering, debugging, air dynamics and what not.. ow and learning myself to fly..
man i tell you, it's nice to do something else for a change.
now what is the benefit for this blog?
it's an aerial camera platform! so i can make video's from the air and give you even nicer video's!
also the chip of the quadcopter (the brains so to say) is an AtMega chip, and that chip is (roughly) the same  as a ecu chip... so once i learned myself programming that chip, i can start learning myself how to program EFI systems for HD's.. win win situation!
some pics of the quadcopter.

some vids..

now i have to train myself into high speed flying and following driving bikes, but i will get the hang of it i hope! LOL

ow and to keep it all bike related:


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