Thursday, May 5

paint refreshing..

Shell V power... special high octane gasoline.. claimed to give your engine more power, better MPG / KML and that it saves your engine..

all i know that it is aggressive stuff.. i spilled some a while ago during a fuel stop..

it eat my paint right away.. fuck.. i rode for a few months with the damaged paint and filler (yups, the filler didn't like the stuff also).

but today i decided that i would do a quick respray of the tank.
actually a real quick respray, not a good repair of the damage so the big blob of filler is still there, when it falls off is the right time to get the whole tank done again good.

step one..mask the filler cap and bike..
step two.. sand the disaster away and lay the first green coat..

mask the green line after the third coat of green..

shoot several coats of metallic black..

once dry.. remove the masking lines and Toxic is good to go again!

another productive day!

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