Monday, May 9

MF megameet.

sometimes you have to make a statement as a custom, chopper or cruiser rider.
last sunday the motor-forum mega meet was held over here in holland. this is a big motorcycle meeting held twice a year. and a gathering of 100's of bikes.
roughly 90% of the bikes attending are crouch rockets in all sizes and colours..
on that forum a little part is for the chopper and cruiser guys.. see it as the dark, cold and damp basement of that forum..
the crouch rocket guys go nuts doing wheelies, burnouts and revving their bikes into the limiter...
the police is going nuts fining the plastic fantastic guys who go a little to nuts..

this time there was a good amount of us custom and cruiser guys.. we were with 10 bikes... yeah.. not much..
but we were there!
last year i showed them were the guys with balls were (in the custom corner) and did a burnout right in front of a police car.. this year i tried it to... but failed miserably..
ah well.. next time i'll pop some smoke again!

nuff said.. picture time!
(none of these pictures are made by me..)

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