Thursday, May 26

blue booger??

first off.. what was up with blogger? i couldn't log in to my account for the last few days..

a well... it works again so on with the blog!

the Yamaha has been standing still for quite some time. i cannibalized his headlights in an hour of need for toxic and used it more as a shelf than ride it.. time to change that!
i gave his headlight back removed the Givi system and gave it some new indicator lights.

time to ride again!
that was short lived.. after a short ride the engine started to stutter.. all of the sudden i lost two cylinders..
when i limped the bike back to the Garage i thought one of the coils went bad because the two cylinders fired by that coil took a shit on me.
out with the old in with the new coil!
start, ride......stutter.. fuckingdamnedfuck! what now?
same problem no boom in cylinders 1 and 4..
time to get out the carbs!
but before i had the carbs out the a/c unit bite me.. so after i cleaned up the blood i took my revenge on that filter housing!
that will teach him!

then i saw the inline filter..

(i've cut it open..)

that's a lot of junk.. what is that and is it in the carbs to?

so on with the carbs..

after removing the floats, i took out the float filters and..

all four were packed with nice blue boogers..
yup they look just like a smurf has had a cold and sneezed in my fuel..
i had to find the source of this smurf boogers..

after a short look at the gastank i found it!

hmmm... liquid gasket is NOT something you would use in the presence of fuel.
bit someone did..
the stuff solves in fuel and as we just have seen.. fucks up your carbs..
now i have to figure out how to remove this smurf boogers..
so the Yamaha is standing still again.

on the bright side..
i took the frame and some parts of Daddy Cool to the powder coater..
downside.. some holidays are coming up over here, so i'll have to wait three weeks to get them back..

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