Monday, April 1

fricking Honda V4's!

i should have kept my word, in October 2011 i said never to touch a V4 honda engine again, but i forgot all about it when my neighbor asked me to fix his SuperMagna.
it ran like shit, wouldn't hardly start and some one had looked at it and couldn't find a problem..
"ah well" i thought, let's be a good neighbor and help him out..
so once in his shed i saw a magna with lot's of stuff taken of it.
i cleaned the carbs, replaced a broken fueltransfer tube and started the big fight with the V configuration carbs.

but behold, the Magna is a cali import, so it has all the environmental hoses and BS on it.
and there were a lot of hoses. so first i tried to discover what should go where and once i thought i had it allright i started the fight to place the carbs. after a few hours fighting them i thought it would be more easy to use ratchet bands (those to tie down your bike or other heavy stuff to a trailer) and a crowbar.
brute and blunt force was the answer! within 10 minutes the carbs were placed! woot!

crab! the hose sticking out in to the air is the main fuel line. and i couldn't find a place to stick it on the carbs..
off with the whole shabang and start my search again.. damn cali rules! i used the wrong hose on the wrong plug. as soon as i found the culprit it was time to put the carbs back with the aid of my blunt force tools!
and replace all those hoses and crap again..

once it was all in place i rebuild all the missing stuff on the bike rolled it outside and started it.
BAM! it fired right up! woehoe!
fun was of a short time.. as i opened up the throttle there didn't happen much, the engine reved up to 2000RPM and that's it.. at wot??
damn, i told you i hated this kind of engines! so my guess is i fucked up a vacuum direction in the california environmental bullshit and the slides in the carbs can't get a descent vacuum to lift..
or the timing advance is all wrong. 
fuck it! next week i'll tear all that hoses from that bike and see what happens! 

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